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Along the lines of what Helen and some others are asking, is there a promo
kit for SCaLE?  Flyers are easy to pass around, whether you just intend on
emailing them or if you plan on printing and posting them around campus.

Over the past couple of years, I've promoted SCaLE heavily via email.  Here
is an example of what I would say.  When I address students or educators, I
usually tell them about the  standing "STDNT" discount code, which requires
verification of student/teacher id onsite.


The Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) is a large volunteer-run open
source technology conference that will be at the Pasadena Convention Center
on March 2-5, 2017.  It is a family-friendly conference that serves a
diverse audience from IT professionals to students and educators and even
youth.  Talks run the gamut from super-technical to beginner and also cover
soft skills like mentorship, community building or professional

The 4-day pass price will be $85 until Feb 21st and will go up to $90 after
that.   If you just want to check out the exhibit hall, the expo pass is
$20.   There is a promotional code ("<insert promo code here>") that will
take 50% off the 4-day SCALE Pass.

There are a large number of collocated meetings like Ubucon, DevOps Days,
Open Infra Day, Bad Voltage Live, etc.  There are also informal gatherings
called Birds of a Feather sessions, after the formal programming, which
allow you to meet with other attendees to talk about your specific

This year, there appears to be a lot of talks on containers and Docker as
well as some tutorials for Kubernetes.  There are talks about open source
in enterprise.  We have strong educational and youth programming as well.
On Saturday, we have a youth track called The Next Generation(TNG), where
our young technologists give talks to their peers and others.  On Sunday, ,
our educators have their turn with talks about using Open Source Software
in Education (OSSIE).
  In addition, there is a pretty awesome game night on Saturday night that
starts around 8pm for families and is opened at 9pm for the rest of us.
(Kids usually get in free if accompanied by adult.)

You can find out more details about the programming at SCaLE at the links


Please consider going to SCaLE.  Feel free to foward this to anyone who you
think might be interested.

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