[scale-infra] CentOS 9 upgrade scheduling

Phil Dibowitz phil at ipom.com
Tue Aug 16 21:04:47 UTC 2022

We need to upgrade our infra from C7 to C9Stream.

Here's the upcoming weekends:

* 8/2[01] - DevConf.us is 8/17-8/20 which makes next weekend out for 
Davide and probably others.
* 8/2[78] - I'm in Houston for family stuff.
* 9/[34] - Labor Day weekend - it's a very long weekend, FB has off both 
the Friday (9/2) and the Monday (9/5). I dunno if Flicka and I will be 
doing something with the kids or not, but if not, I'd be up for taking 
Friday as a hackathon day to get it all done.. but I dunno how that 
works with other folks.
* 9/1[01] - I believe this works for me
* 9/1[78] - I'm in New Orleans for a wedding
* 9/2[45] - I believe this works for me

I've started a doodle and included 1-6pm on every one of these days even 
if I can't make it or don't know my schedule yet, just to start building 
an idea of when might be good.


We have a few servers to upgrade:

* web - this is the most difficult, we'll have to get Drupal to work 
with newer PHP and friends
* lists - should be pretty easy, just runs very basic apache, phplist, 
and mailman
* reg - runs a home-grown python2 app and apache, should also be simple 
as long as there's p2 in C9

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