[Scale-planning] Speaker Dinner

Ilan Rabinovitch ilan at socallinuxexpo.org
Mon Dec 6 15:38:22 PST 2004

Hey everyone,

So taking a hint from BloggerCon's Food For Thought dinners we thought 
it might be fun to have a speaker's dinner.  What we want to do is find 
a restaurant and arrange for many of our speakers and sponsors to be 
there after SCALE on Saturday night.   We think it would be a great way 
for speakers, attendees, and sponsors to interact. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for a restaurant to hold this at? 

The only requirements would be:
- Not *too far* from LACC
- Affordable meals

Space is also an issue.  It would be nice to have everyone at one place, 
but that may not be feasible.  The way Bloggercon handled the space 
issue was to group speakers by their interests and then set them up at 
different restaurants.  Anyone interested in those topics could then 
reserve a spot at that location.  

Any thoughts? We look forward to hearing your ideas.


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