[Scale-planning] OT Linux migration question

Steve Glasser sgla1 at dock.net
Mon Aug 22 15:38:05 PDT 2005

Hi group,

I thought that with your vast experience of Linux you might have ideas for me.

I now have a chance to roll out linux desktops for public/client use in some 
small community service type non-profits.  These machines will be used by 
people who are barely computer literate--maybe they have just enough windows 
experience to download lots of virusi, if you follow me.

I figure my needs are:
* an automated install--like kickstart, ya know...
* a desktop that is easy to use for windows users (not a system that is easy 
to admin).  It wouldn't hurt if the desktop *looked* like windows, too 
* system must be stable (idiot proof), does not have to be bleeding edge

I welcome your suggestions


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