[Scale-planning] SCALE needs help

Orv Beach orv at socallinuxexpo.com
Sat Dec 2 21:07:00 PST 2006

With success comes more work, it seems like.  As SCALE grows, so does 
the effort required to put it on.  It doesn't grow exponentially; it 
doesn't even grow linearly; but it DOES grow.

As we add to the advertising venues we use to promote SCALE, we find 
ourselves in need of another graphics artist.  One more would relieve 
the workload on our current (excellent but overloaded) graphics 
designer.   If you have experience doing logos and artwork, and creating 
graphics to media outlets' various submittal requirements, we REALLY 
could use your help.   Experience with marketing communications is 
helpful, too.  If the work can be done using Open Source tools, so much 
the better.

The workload generally runs from August to February.  It ranges from 
nothing to do to really busy.  The pay is the same that all other SCALE 
volunteers get; that is, you get paid with a small amount of stress, a 
fair chunk of work, and a great amount of satisfaction that you've done 
more than your fair share in promoting Open Source software.

Interested?   We'd love have you join the merry SCALE team!  Send your 
resume to info at socallinuxexpo.com

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