[Scale-planning] Promoting SCALE

Orv Beach orv at orvsplace.net
Wed Jan 2 08:21:24 PST 2008

You're on this mailing list because you actively support the SoCal Linux 
Expo, and Open Source software.   We appreciate your support!
We'd be very appreciative if you helped disseminate information about 
SCALE.  You can do so by:

- posting a SCALe logo or banner on your web page
- distributing the SCALE 6x PDF flyer to your organizations (businesses, 
LUGs, schools, whatever).

They can all be found here: 
http://socallinuxexpo.org/scale6x/conference-info/banners-and-promos/ . 
  Feel free to grab any and all.

The SCALE Chairs thank you!

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