[Scale-planning] DV Cameras needed to Video SCALE Sessions

Tom King ka6sox at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 14:00:54 PST 2008

Hi there,

I'm Tom King with the Santa Barbara Linux User's Group.

We are undertaking the Video Recording and transcoding of the Scale
Sessions this year. We will be recording the Speaker Sessions in the
Speaker Rooms and also Broadcasting (into overflow room and streaming)
of the Keynote.

We need 2 cameras in every room (total of 8) and 2 Roving cameras + a Spare

We currently have 8 confirmed and are in need of 3 more(but the more
the merrier as we want to be sure things stay going..

The Preferred recording media is miniDV but Digital8 would be fine.

The cameras will be in the rooms with somebody watching them OR be locked up.

if you have a camera that we can borrow from Thursday night till end
of show Sunday we would appreciate borrowing it.

If you have an interest in helping with the Video work please contact
me here thru this list..


Tom King
(for SBLUG)

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