[Scale-planning] FreedomHEC Returning to Los Angeles this November

Ilan Rabinovitch ilan at fonz.net
Thu May 22 10:24:38 PDT 2008

FreedomHEC 2008

FreedomHEC 2008, the Linux device driver
"unconference", will take place November 8-9, 2008
in Santa Monica, California, following WinHEC in Los
Angeles.  Plan to attend and learn why Linux support
has become an industry standard requirement for new
hardware, and how you can get your products supported
under Linux quickly and conveniently for customers.

Who:   Hardware engineers, driver developers, you.

What:  Device driver unconference

Where: Santa Monica, California, USA

When:  November 8-9, 2008

Why:   Make your hardware valuable to the growing
       Linux market.

At FreedomHEC, participants will learn how the Linux
driver development process works, differently from
the complex processes used to develop drivers for
proprietary operating systems.  The kernel team and
the Linux distributions take on much of the build,
test, and support work for a driver, freeing up the
hardware manufacturer's driver team to concentrate
on the core code.

You'll also have an opportunity to discuss your driver
development options, including the opportunity to work
with the Linux Driver Project and the Linux Foundation
to have a driver developed free of charge, under an
NDA that keeps your device documentation confidential
but that allows the actual code to become part of
the Linux process.  Bring your toughest technical
and organizational questions.

Sponsors are: host sponsor Edmunds.com; sponsors
Google, the Linux Foundation, and the Linux Driver
Project; and media sponsors LinuxWorld.com and LWN.

To attend FreedomHEC, sign up at the conference
Wiki at http://freedomhec.pbwiki.com/  Conference
attendance is free of charge for anyone who
pre-registers on the Wiki.

Contact: Don Marti <dmarti at zgp.org>

(WinHEC is a registered trademark of Microsoft
Corporation.  Linux is a registered trademark of
Linus Torvalds.  FreedomHEC is not affiliated with
Microsoft Corporation.)

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