[Scale-planning] next year's ballroom bash

Lori Barfield itdirector at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 20:14:31 PST 2011

hey, scale-planners!  this is my first post.  i'm not even sure who
all is on this list....i'm a SCaLE volunteer and one of my
responsibilities this year was filling up the Hilton Plaza Ballroom
with fun.  (it was a dreadful task, but you know, *someone's* got to
do it. ;-)

in case you missed it, i'm talking about the laser tag/game room
downstairs that started after Weakest Geek.  i'd like to ask all of
you for feedback on how you think this year's event went.  all
comments are welcome:  best and worst aspects, etc.  and secondly,
please share any suggestions you have for next year.

there are things i'd like sure to see done better.  and there are new
activities i think we could try.  but i had so much say already in
what went on this year, i'd like to see everyone else ideas first.

ah, and remember, next year is our 10th anniversary.


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