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The SCALE committee chairs had a meeting on a few weeks back. Here
are the notes that came out of it.

We appreciate any feedback the list has to offer on speakers or
keynote presenters you would like to see us invite for the 10th year


- - Keynotes
 * Talk must be new, revised, or not given recently.
 * Acceptance of keynotes to ideally be complete by mid-october
 * Suggestions on keynote speakers or topics to SCALE-Chairs or
SCALE-planning before end of week. (9/23)
 * Ideas floated far:
   * Try reaching out to  Linus? (in progress)
   * Karen Sandler (keynoted OSCON on open source software in medical
   * Cathy Malmrose (keynoted OLF)
 * Feedback / Direction:
   * Topic should ideally be original (not covered at a previous event
this year).
   * Something that ties together the last 10 years of SCALE.
- - special events and sub-conferences
   * Friday
     * Build a Cloud Day
     * DevOps
     * FAD
     * Ubucon
     * Postgres
     * FOSS Mentoring
     * SCALE U (x2)
   * Saturday
     * OSSIE
     * Kids (still under discussion?)
     * Beginners training class (two-days)
       * Possible Extra fee for training materials)
       * Bring their own computer
       * Max 50
       * Projector/screen needed - no other A/V
       * Proctors	 needed to assist in class (one for every
two students??)

Art Theme Contest
 * Team to send requirements to Orv/Larry by Tuesday.
 * Larry to work on announcing before the weekend.

* registration
   * Targeting 10/1 for registration launch
   * Lei to send Stu software package list and requirements for
server 	setup.

- - Website Ramp up and content
 * Website is ready to accept blog posts and exhibitors
 * Everyone should have an account. Please test yours
 * Ron and Stu to figure out / vs /scale10x redirects
 * Ron and Stu to have a call on staff permissions for CFP voting

- - A/V
 *Number of rooms
   * 10 rooms Friday
   * 8 rooms Saturday (possibly 1 more for kids event)
   * 7 rooms Sunday
 *Numbers above do not include speaker / press green room.
 *We plan on having all rooms setup with 2 mics for speakers and mixer
to allow for recording.
 *Looking into short throw projects for smaller rooms, and rear
projectors for larger rooms, in place of plasma tvs.

- - Saturday Night Activities
   * Lori is looking at expanding game night and laser tag. More
details to follow once we know how much space and setup time is available.

- - Tracking Projects
* We'll start tracking tasks on github at:

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