[Scale-planning] LISA envoy, flyer

Lori Barfield itdirector at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 15:24:27 PST 2012

hello, scale-planners, we are sending an envoy to LISA to man a SCaLE booth
on the exhibit floor.  we were thinking of handing out flyers and we can
use your input on that and the booth.

darkwing (david.wonderly at ubuntu.org) says he will make us a flyer
tomorrow.  to make getting started easier, i am trying to collect links to
the graphics and text we already have that he is likely to need.

i was thinking of a two-sided flyer, the front being a standard thing with
our new motif, and the back promoting selected special events.  should we
use colored paper?  colored ink?  how many should we print up?

ilan, you mentioned cross-promoting other events.  can you please reply
with the source for your linuxfests flyer used recently?

orv/gareth, since the Beginner Training and Next Generation efforts are
relatively new dimensions for our event, would you like us to emphasize
them at the booth?  perhaps we could use the back of the flyer for those
details.  if we do that, then the flyer becomes a handout that LISA-goers
can share with the linux newbies they know at home and the office.  have
you guys got any promotional text or graphics from last year that darkwing
can use?

darkwing, here's what i dug up so far.

last year's design git:


our new slogan and motif for 11x:


previous flyer PDFs:


previous misc promo item collections:



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