[Scale-planning] Free Software Representation at SCaLE

Lei Zhang leiz at ucla.edu
Wed Jan 25 17:28:18 PST 2012

On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 05:11:59PM -0800, Mark Holmquist wrote:
> By the way, the lack of "GNU" in the name was among the list of things I
> *don't* expect to change right away, because it is viewed as
> impractical, and sometimes foolish, by most of the Open Source movement,
> who have demonstrably influenced the policy of SCaLE in the past (again,
> see the mission statement and the CFP, id.). It joined abandoning
> Twitter (which is a nonfree service), removing official iPhone
> implementations of information apps, and other similar drastic steps
> that, while maybe commonplace for free software-only conferences, would
> be very *out* of place, at least currently, for SCaLE.

So what alternatives do you have? Would it make you more happy if we
don't use Twitter, Facebook, and G+ as communication channels? What
do we do instead? Have you seen http://twitter.com/gnulinux ?

What's wrong with having an iPhone app for the SCALE schedule? Is it
also against Free Software principles to have a win32 port of Emacs?

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