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Am 25. Feb, 2014 schwätzte Lori Barfield so:

> i heard multiple comments about good network performance this year.  rock
> solid.
> must be the shirts.

Orange is faster.

It also fits for an Alice Cooper themed 13x :).



> ...lori
> On Feb 25, 2014 10:49 AM, "Stuart Sheldon" <stu at actusa.net> wrote:
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>> A quick report from the Tech side of things...
>> What we managed to do right:
>> This year, the network came up, and with a little work with the hotel
>> and Level3 we were able to deliver an awesome internet experience for
>> attendees and exhibitors both.
>> Wireless seemed rock solid for the entire show, and the new IP names of
>> scale and scale-slow did exactly what they intended. This is the first
>> time I have ever seen any statistics that showed 5g being the primary
>> network of choice.
>> The registration network and self registration system delivered on
>> reliability and security this year. The use of Raspberry Pis for this
>> was once again a well executed implementation of inexpensive hardware.
>> The new Tech Stats sign outside of the NOC was a big hit as well this
>> year. I don't think I saw a time when at least one person wasn't looking
>> at it.
>> The new radios that Tom in A/V selected for this year for the most part
>> did exactly what we needed.
>> And there were the orange shirts... This year if you had a question
>> about anything related to SCaLE and couldn't find anyone to ask, you
>> must have been color blind. No one could miss us with the new Tech
>> shirts! Of all the feed back I got, I heard more positive comments from
>> attendees about the shirts than almost any other new thing we did this
>> year!
>> What needs improvement:
>> I almost put this up in the successful list, but although it worked
>> flawlessly when someone called in, not many people did call in. This was
>> most likely due to two things, lack of advertising around the hotel and
>> the orange shirts eliminating many potential calls. I'm not sure what
>> this will eventually turn into, but I believe we will be re-inventing
>> this a bit for SCaLE 13x.
>> Configuration Management was a goal for this year that we just couldn't
>> fit into the short time we had left over for new things this year. I'm
>> hoping we can move toward completing this earlier in our work cycles.
>> Network Device Dependency is another thing that we need to do better.
>> Although I am used to tracking things down via standard documentation, I
>> am sure a visual representation of the network tree would be extremely
>> useful to others in the NOC. I'll personally take this on, but would
>> love input as well.
>> This year was awesome! We all worked as a team, and we all shared our
>> knowledge as a group. I hope everyone learned something this year, I
>> know I did!
>> Stu
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