[Scale-planning] I'm beginning to promote SCaLE 16x March 2-5th 2017, anyone going to NASAs Space Apps Challenge?

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I participated in the event last year and will be again this year.

The person organizing this year is Joe Brisbois, and you can contact him at
joebriz at me.com

-Joe Renzullo

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> HI,
> 1) I'm starting to promote SCaLE 16x March 2-5th 2017.
> I will be encouraging greater participation of those involved in various
> pro-Open Source meetings / meetups / groups.
> I'd like to encourage anyone else interested to help.
> To help in this manner I was thinking about setting up a business card
> template with critical dates for SCaLE 16x.
> ( do we have artwork I can reference for that? )
> 2) This weekend is the NASA Space App Challenge
> and I would like us to reach out to them and encourage their participation
> in SCaLE 16x.
> https://2016.spaceappschallenge.org/
> I will be suggesting to those that are helping to organize the NASA event
> that SCaLE would make a great event for pro open data and open source space
> related topics to be shared. SCaLE probably is not a great for hackathons,
> but it is certainly a wonderful opportunity to share information and
> results from pro-open source hackathons and useful to support such
> hackathons.
> If anyone here knows of people helping to run the NASA SpaceApps challenge
> or will be participating in it, please help pass the word that SCaLE
> welcomes greater participation in our pro-open source community event.
> Thank You
> Matti
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