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Regarding Space in LA area, don't forget X-Prize & Virgin Galactic are also

In fact, the timing of this message is good.  I'm president of
www.uncoded.org -- a non-profit in Long Beach that works at local
connecting tech community -- and we hold a monthly tech mixer. Next week,
Will Pomerantz,  Vice President of Special Projects at Virgin Galactic (and
previously with X-prize) will be our special guest.

It might make sense for one or two folks from the core SCaLE team to drop
in, details: http://www.meetup.com/Uncoded/events/230279066/

Also, it's been a couple years but my web shop www.MediaDoneRight.com
<http://www.mediadoneright.com/> was also helpful in building www.SpaceX.com
<http://www.spacex.com/> -- I might even have a few contacts.

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> HI,
> Reaching out the key members of the pro-open source user community there's
> a few track ideas I would like to share with everyone here.
> A) I believe we can find volunteers to help get these tracks organized, so
> that they take minimal time from the core SCaLE team.
> B) Question on how to help make procedures / infrastructure to assist in
> building these tracks.
> Track ideas:
> 1) Open Data track / Civic Open Data - I believe this would make a great
> track, and that we can get the City of Pasadena, City of LA and OTHER
> cities to participate. They can use this track to help supplement their
> city run hack-a-thons. ( we can probably get the various Open Data SaaS
> providers to sponsor the tracks )
> 2) CTO mixer - we need imho to bring in CxOs into SCaLE to help bring
> great industry support and encourage their staffs to join us. Joe Devon who
> organizers and runs a lot of the pro-open source LA meetups is currently
> running a CTO mixer meetup - and discussing this with him seems like this
> would be a great fit for SCaLE. - I was thinking Thur would be a great day
> for this... and I would expect that we can get some good sponsorship for
> this.
> 3) Space / Space Open Data - NASA just had their Space App Challenge and
> it was well attended in Pasadena, as well as OC and they had events
> throughout the world. The also had Open Data available for attendees, and
> JPL has an Open Data proponent. With Space X also in LA we should be able
> to find some great opportunities to make a "Space / Space Open Data" track.
> We could have this be a Science Open Data track for 1 day followed by a
> Civic Open Data track
> 4) Storage track - Jordan Swartz talked to me about creating an Storage
> track Thur before DevOps day. Sounded like a great idea, and he seemed very
> interested in being the lead.
> Qs:
> How do we coordinate and empower those interested in creating good tracks
> into SCaLE?
> Do I ask potential leads to join the planning list?
> Do we have any SaaS tools which are useful?
> Thank You
> Matti
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