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Ilan Rabinovitch ilan at linuxfests.org
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During the SCALE postmortem for 2017 and kick off for 2018 one topic that
has come up is Sunday attendance.  For many years, we've been seeing a bit
of a decline in overall Sunday attendance, especially on the exhibit hall
and as such many exhibitors (both commercial and volunteer run) have asked
us to either cut the Sunday expo floor or further SCALE back Sunday Expo
floor hours.   To be clear cutting Sunday sessions is not being considered
at this time.

With this in mind we'd like your thoughts and help here with making Sunday

- How would a change in exhibit hall hours impact your personal plans to
attend Sunday?

- Are there schedule adjustments that would make it more likely for you and
your colleagues/friends/etc to stay through Sunday?

- If the expo hall were to close EOD Saturday, are there alternative
activities you would want to host in its place on Sunday in that space?

- If we held a closing keynote Sunday afternoon/evening, would you stay for

- Do we have any volunteers willing to write up a survey we can send to
past attendees on this topic?

We look forward to your thoughts and ideas.


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