[Scale-planning] Good SCALE promo opportunity - SGVTech Open House on 10/25

Lan Dang ldangmlist at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 05:02:42 UTC 2018

Hi all,

SGVTech is participating in Connect Week by having an open house/networking
mixer on Thursday, 10/25 @ 7pm.  We plan on doing our usual promotion of
SCALE and in particularly, we'll be recruiting volunteers for the SCALE A/V

Who has possession of the SCALE banner?  Is there new artwork for SCALE 17x?
Does anyone have a flyer prepared?  Is there a particular message we want
to get out at this particular time?

Also, where should I direct people who are interested in a booth at SCALE?
At least one student club and LAPL are interested, and we'll probably do
one this year too.

Also, one of the benefits of being involved in Connect Week is that we have
had good conversations with Innovate Pasadena.  There could be great
opportunities for Innovate Pasadena to help SCALE.  There are a lot of
companies hiring now, and it'd be worth letting them know that SCALE is a
great place for them to make their presence known to tech folks who already
have a lot of the skills they are looking for.

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