[Scale-planning] Connect Week in Pasadena Oct 20-28, 2018

Mx Siltanen mrsiltanen at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 18:17:33 UTC 2018


Just a reminder, some I've pitched this idea directly to you during

We can organize an event(s) during Connect Week to help promote SCALE 17x.
There are some nice venues available.

Connect week(+) Oct 20-28, 2018 in Pasadena:
Innovate Pasadena ( a non-profit to promote innovation, tech, arts, and
science in Pasadena ) is helping community events do events / meetups
during that period by assisting with connecting us with venues. Many of the
venues are donating their spaces. ( Connect Week will also assist with
marketing )

So, that makes it very easy for us in the community to organize events! We
would still need to find food / coffee sponsors.

I highly encourage anyone interested to do something.

There are spaces available for weeknights, weekdays, and weekends.


This is an annual event, and thus we should be able to utilize the
opportunity to build partner community run events which Innovate Pasadena
will assist us with.

We can use this opportunity to do something in Pasadena to support our
regular user groups and larger conferences / events.

If you need an introduction to the IP folks who can assist you, please let
me know.

Thank You

ps - I have RSVP'ed a venue for a "product" day on Sat 10/27 and now will
need to secure a food and a coffee sponsor and a couple more presentations
/ content. There appeared to be a number of larger venues available to
handle 30-100+ people, and I see a lot of great opportunities for us to
build a stronger community.
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