[Scale-planning] Help: with SCALE outreach during Connect Week in Pasadena Oct 20-28, 2018

Mx Siltanen mrsiltanen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 20:37:58 UTC 2018


Help us connect with others and get the word out about SCALE during connect

If you're in the LA area please do stop by events you like during Connect
Week Oct 20-28, 2018 and connect with those organizing and presenting. If
people willing to come to Pasadena for Connect Week - they'll come to SCALE
17X! ( well, if they're interested in our topics ).

Throughout the year I attempt to connect with numerous groups and
organizers whom I believe would be good connections to collaborate with
SCALE. As there are a lot of interesting events happening during Pasadena
Connect week I am encouraging everyone interested to help participate and
get more inclusion for SCALE for greater participation.

We can also invite them to participate with SGVtech, and attend the Open
House SGVtech is planning.

For example:
This looks like a very good event organized by folks interested in AI / ML
/ Blocakchain.
While I don't care about the "Investors" aspect, there should be some good
over lap on the tech aspects.


Here's the connect week info:

Thank You
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