[Scale-planning] BoF page update

der.hans Verteiler+SCaLE-planning at LuftHans.com
Fri Mar 1 07:11:54 UTC 2019

moin moin,

The hashtag listed on the BoFs page is #SCaLE16x, can we get that updated
to #SCaLE17x?

I would also like to get that final paragraph ( where the hashtag appears
) broken up a bit.

What is a birds of a feather session? It's an informal meet-up or
discussion, where SCaLE attendees can get together and discuss a shared
interest without a pre-designated agenda.

Please use the #scale17x tag when promoting your meeting or when
discussing a BoF you intend to attend, whichever social media you're

We will once again have sponsored BoFs for FLOSS topics and companies. If
your organization is interested in sponsoring snacks or beverages for a
BoF, please contact BoFs at socallinuxexpo.org.

Alternatively, give me page edit access and I'll update it.

A week from now the first day of SCaLE will be ending. Looking forward to
it :).


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