[Scale-volunteers] SCaLE 13x BoF Accessibility Disability and Univeersal Design

Bill Zuke wzuke at lafn.org
Tue Feb 17 22:35:37 PST 2015

We have a BoF meeting room reserved for Friday 7 p.m., room number not
yet assigned.  The exhibits open at 2 p.m., and I will be available at the BoF from 7 p.m. till 10 p.m.
if there is enough interest.  I am hoping other individuals will speak
about issues of interest to people who have disabilities, or any one
else who has overlapping interest.  Please pass the word.  If you have a
conflicting meeting, please try to stop by for a quick introduction.  

I will try to get a hotel guest room at the Hilton, and I will make it
available to any one with an urgent disability problem as a triage area
(e.g. special restroom, place to lay down, et cetera.)  I hope this
meeting will begin to form a special interest and self-help group which
will grow throughout the year.  Maybe have a special presentation next

For visitors from distant places, there are some nearby landmark
restaurants.  The Proud Bird (if you can afford it and want a special
atmosphere) has a website, and they told me they are fully accessible to
wheelchairs; there is a local bus, and all buses have either a ramp or
lift.  There is a small Greek restaurant within wheelchair or walking
distance (25 minutes.)  There is a Mexican seafood place with old
photographs of Mexican movie stars on the wall, a short drive or bus
ride nearby.  Hilton Hotel food is excellent, but if you just want a
fast food burger there are some fast food chains within wheelchair or
walking distance.  

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