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To help get the ideas flowing here are a few examples from SCALE 9x:


On 10/30/15 10:45 PM, Ilan Rabinovitch wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> First I wanted to welcome the large group of new comers to 
> scale-planning. We appreciate your joining in the adventure that is 
> SCALE planning.
> As promised, we will be posting here more often about how planning is 
> coming along and where help is needed.
> With that in mind, we've recently arranged to run banner ads on a 
> number of websites focused on linux, open source, devops, and other 
> related topics where we can reach potential attendees.   To take 
> advantage of this though we need some help in creating the banner ads 
> and other creative to be used there.
> https://github.com/socallinuxexpo/SCALE-Design/issues/130
> https://github.com/socallinuxexpo/SCALE-Design/issues/133
> We've been given the following specs for ads. Preferably in PNG, but 
> JPG is acceptable as well.
> 728x90
> 160x600
> 300x250
> 160x600
> While we don't need ads for all of these sizes, the more sizes we 
> provide the better chance we have of being included in the various 
> sites rotations.
> With that in mind if you'd like to take a stab at one or more of the 
> pieces we'd love your help.
> Thanks!
> Ilan
> -- 
> Ilan Rabinovitch
> Conference Chair
> Southern California Linux Expo
> 877-831-2569 x110 Voice
> 818-442-1865 Mobile
> ilan at linuxfests.org  Email

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