[Scale-planning] SCALE 15x Planning and Updates

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Sat Apr 23 16:16:44 PDT 2016

Hello Scale-Planning,

Last weekend the SCALE Committee Chairs held our annual leadership
meeting, where we discuss how previous years went, as well as kick off
planning for the next year.  It is important to note that more than 50%
of SCALE leadership team is no longer based in Southern California so
this type of in-person meeting does not always happen as often as we
would like.

During our discussions, one theme that came up repeatedly was a desire
to increase the openness of our planning.

Over the last ~10 years, as our teams have grown and specialized, many
of the planning discussions have moved to private mailing lists.
Although the isolation of discussions was not deliberate, this does not
align with the open principles our events teach.  With that in mind our
teams will be moving the majority of SCALE related discussions and
planning to this list, scale-planning.

As part of this decision you will see some changes coming to this list
in the next few weeks:

Mailman Upgrade -  Will be fixing the list to maintain FROM addresses on
all posted emails. To accomplish this mailman will likely need to be
upgraded to a newer version. See the minutes below for more details.

Increased List Traffic - If you have gotten used to low traffic on this
list, please expect this to change.  We understand if you choose to
unsubscribe, but hope you will choose to hang around and participate in
the discussions.

To start this process we are posting a summary of our meeting and some
of the decisions that were made in the next few minutes below:


Additionally, we will be tracking all work related items in our github
issue queue at: https://github.com/socallinuxexpo/scale-planning/issues

We look forward to your thoughts, feedback, and collaboration as we kick
off planning for SCALE 2017.

Ilan Rabinovitch
Conference Chair
818-442-1865 Voice

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