[Scale-planning] Track ideas at future SCaLEs and Q about track leads

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Reaching out the key members of the pro-open source user community there's
a few track ideas I would like to share with everyone here.

A) I believe we can find volunteers to help get these tracks organized, so
that they take minimal time from the core SCaLE team.

B) Question on how to help make procedures / infrastructure to assist in
building these tracks.

Track ideas:
1) Open Data track / Civic Open Data - I believe this would make a great
track, and that we can get the City of Pasadena, City of LA and OTHER
cities to participate. They can use this track to help supplement their
city run hack-a-thons. ( we can probably get the various Open Data SaaS
providers to sponsor the tracks )

2) CTO mixer - we need imho to bring in CxOs into SCaLE to help bring great
industry support and encourage their staffs to join us. Joe Devon who
organizers and runs a lot of the pro-open source LA meetups is currently
running a CTO mixer meetup - and discussing this with him seems like this
would be a great fit for SCaLE. - I was thinking Thur would be a great day
for this... and I would expect that we can get some good sponsorship for

3) Space / Space Open Data - NASA just had their Space App Challenge and it
was well attended in Pasadena, as well as OC and they had events throughout
the world. The also had Open Data available for attendees, and JPL has an
Open Data proponent. With Space X also in LA we should be able to find some
great opportunities to make a "Space / Space Open Data" track. We could
have this be a Science Open Data track for 1 day followed by a Civic Open
Data track

4) Storage track - Jordan Swartz talked to me about creating an Storage
track Thur before DevOps day. Sounded like a great idea, and he seemed very
interested in being the lead.

How do we coordinate and empower those interested in creating good tracks
into SCaLE?
Do I ask potential leads to join the planning list?
Do we have any SaaS tools which are useful?

Thank You
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